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Mad teacher

I love this app 🤩🤩🤩🤡😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👩🏾‍🎤🤘🏻🗣👥👥👩🏼‍🏫


So romantic


Good game but keeps taking me to Amazon Spam


Those who said there’s a bad word on level 2 are bad the teacher said those DARN children.Not Dame children.


In the second level, there is a cuss word and it doesn’t please me. It’s the “d” word. Please fix that.

Love it💛💛but.....

I love the app it’s funny and fun!!!! But when I showed my cousin she loved the game but when she saw all the pranks, she wanted to do some to the teacher and she did one and she got in ALOT of trouble, Just don’t let children get encouraged by this, thank you


Just a heads up to anyone planning on buying the full version with all 20 levels - levels 11-20 are literally the exact same as levels 1-10, with different characters being the only difference. You basically get to play the exact same games all over again for $5.

Will you ever have more games than 1?

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi my name is clover !


First of all, it’s a kinda fun game, but gets boring fast, it’s a good time killer. But it takes u like 20 min to get through the first ten levels. Then, u have to pay 5.99 to get the rest of them! HECK TO THE NO! I deleted this app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS, I REPET, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!

Kind of fun, but needs some work.

Okay, so first of all it’s a pretty good game. It’s funny how you can prank the teacher. But the way it is right now, it should be rated at least 9+. It has you put a sign on the teacher that says things like “stupid”. And I’m sure parents don’t want their small children seeing words like this. Also, the biggest red flag is that on level two after the kids do all the pranks on the teacher, she says, “Oh those (the D word) rascals!” But she actually says the D word. I mean it’s only one bad word but still. Parents wouldn’t want kids seeing this. I love all TabTale games, but this one is WAY different from the others. This should be fixed before a small child gets this app and the parent sees.

So funny

When you pop the pinpele it was funny I laughed so hard Lol I love this game

I Love your Games


The app is ok.

I really do like this game! It entertains me when I’m bored. I do 2 have a problems with this app though. On level 2, after you prepared the classroom for the prank on Mrs.Crush or whatever her name is, she walks in the room saying,”those da*mn rascals!” On level 10, you prepare for the “date”. The coach and the teacher start kissing! The age for this game says 4+ and they’re going to do this in a kids game?!? Like I said, I really do like this app. I just would like you to know.


Well, i saw @zailetsplay play this game and I really wanted to try it it was awesome and I just love it and it makes me feel as if I need to play EVERY SINGLE DAY😎🤗


I like the game but it has to many adds

It’s a waste

I was so excited about getting this app so on level two that’s right level TWO so you have to complete everything in order to go to the next level and unless you want to buy everything you can’t move on to the next level! THIS APP IS A WASTE DONT WAST YOUR TIME DONT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡AND I was really looking forward for playing this game and I am so so so disappointed 😔 Just please don’t waste your time getting this app and if I was you I would listen DONT GET THIS APP!


This game glitches sooooooooo bad I couldn't even get in the game so 1 star because the app wouldn't let me do 0 stars but if I could I would do 0 stars tabtale* make better games *the app

It’s good but

It’s good but I want all levels for free we shouldn’t have to spend our money on games that are really good and we want to play it’s very annoying how every game

I love the game

I love the game so much I use it every day and night

I love the game!! 😻 but..

So far, I absolutely love the game, and everything about it! It's just that the fact when I was playing, even though I'm like, let's just say older than 8, but less then 14, I love the game for some odd reason. I downloaded most of the Baby Playhouse and all those other apps, but.. let's get to the point here. Does a kid friendly game say a bad word? I mean, it's not really a "cuss word", but it's still bad for children. On level 2, after you were done with all the pranks, it said the D word. Da- you know the rest. Even though I'm old enough to know that word, cause ya know, I hear it all the time accidentally, if I'm watching a pg 13 movie- even though I'm less then 14, I still watch with my mom by my side, and perms, but anyway, it's still not nice for this app to say, "Ugh!! Those (D word) rascals!" Please edit this app, and remove the saying. Or, delete the app, and redo this one. Thanks!

I'm sorry mrs.crusher

It's funny I love it love at the end she's so mad I love it crazy it popped up on my tablet I was just let's play so I got this app and its so wow like update this app and ill do any thing for you to update yours thanks bye

I can’t believe this.

Oh my gosh! This is such a bad app! I can’t click anything and the ads don’t ever load so I can’t play the app. I DONT RECOMMEND IT. I’m using IOS 11 Apple iPad Mini, The these ad questions came up and I wanted to click the X and its whenever I go onto it. But there was NO x at all! So I couldn’t exit and it was the same ads.

Nice game don't like to have to play a game and lose everything I did

I was the one of them proved it


I love the game. Great voices graphics and all but I hate how you have to pay for part 2!

Lost opportunities

Can be better

Love it but....

So this game is awesome but when you unlock something you have to start over. Also it has words that should never be used in a little kids game and on level 3 it won’t let me dry the girls hair but besides that it is awesome!!

The game cussed

When I reached the seccond level or third it said the d word and I was suprised this game cussed it says its for 4+ but it seems like 12+ this is not good or healthy for kids I’m only 9

Should get reported

Well,I was playing this with my four year old sister and it was totally fine. Then on level two the said a very inappropriate word as the kids tied her shoes together, put salt in her coffee, draw on her face, put stickers on her, and change the calendar, the teacher said oh those (bad word. D word) rascals. I wish I could report this cause not four year old and a few years after that be saying the D word. Tab Tales is my favorite kind of games they had no cussing and helped you learn. I am just furious with this.

It won’t let me complete the second level?

The first level was easy but when i got to the second one, one of the options had to be done by watching an ad first. After I watch the ad nothing happens and I can’t complete it!

Worst game ive ever played

What is this abomination you call a game the animations look like they took two seconds to make and the game swears and its supposed to be for kids!!!!!!not only that but half the time your not even pranking you usually helping The teacher.most the Items in the game you can either buy them with real money!!!! or watch a ad or play a candy crush rip off.and you can only play to level ten before having to play more money then you probably already did getting to there!!!!!! Brought to you by the national what kind of game is this company.

): Disappointing!

I saw that the game had a rude word and if your kids want to play this game do not let them! Unless you want them saying inappropriate language! 😡

Don’t even bother

This game is really boring, glitchy, contaminated with ads, and shouldn’t be rated 4+. There is a cuss word on the second level! This game is not for little kids.

Not Good

Not good because it wouldn't even let me pass the 2nd level because a item was locked and there was ads popping up everywhere I could barely actually play the game.

Gives virus,curses, and to many ads.

When I bought the app it was nothing but a nightmare. Pls take away the bad words.also the ads. You should just make the ads shorter or not as much. Lastly I wanna talk about how this game gives your device a virus warning. How did that happen?!? This isn’t really a good game. It’s probably one of the worst games you’ve made. This is not for kids. Anyone reading this comment do not show your kids this game. I'm a kid. I played this. Parents can play this. Not kids. even though I'm a kid trust me. Do not let your kids play this.


In the second level the teacher swears and this game says that its 4+ but children shouldnt be seeing that

Amazing Game

This game is so fun the only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to start over the level you were doing after you play a game to win something that you need for the level!😍😛🤪💗😘

For parents

The game is very good and funny. But if you are a strict parent, or have a young child I would avoid getting this it hints a threesomes and has cursing. Definitely not a game for a 4 year old

This has bad words on it

Mention it had the d word

Good and funny game but...

I think this game is really funny but also in one of the levels the teacher said a swear word.

Game of glitches

so this add came up on my phone so I got it and the first thing you wish to notice in a game is that it’s not glitching but the first thing I noticed was that It’s the game of glitches it glitches like so much it has adds coming up on your screen constantly and it takes you to the App Store every single time it’s so annoying and if you throw it up it will make you lose your progress on that level like it makes me so mad I want to break my phone it’s fun but it’s hard to have fun with all these glitches!!! I hope that this review helps you know weather to get it or not thanks for reading


I hate this game can't even review it it has so many ads I can't even press play

Very fun

I think this app is fun and it involves my favorite things in games. It involves pranking and makeovers and fixing things like a puzzle. I would give it a 10 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I love it



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