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It was great but then

I was having a really good time at level 1 but as soon as u get to level 2 you have to pay! Pay for the stickers and if you dont pay then u dont advance to the next level.☹️ its a good game an all donf get me wrong but thats just a little aggrivating if you know what i mean :) otherwise this game is great and u should download it

Why does it curse 😡

I was playing this game then the teacher said oh those (bad word d) rascals

Amazing but one problem

The game was awesome but the one thing that hit me was “isn’t this game for little kids” I thought that because this game said the d word

Not able

I want to download this app but it won’t let me it keeps saying this app is not able to download right now please try agin latter.




I like how you did the kids

I rated 5 stars

I love this game it is funny

Not good at all!!!

On level one or two it said the D word. And they said” ages four and up can be playing this! In the game the teacher said those **** rascles!

Why the bad word?

It’s a fun game in all, but on level 2 the teacher that just got pranked, Says the D word...TabTale games never had bad words on nether of their games.Im kinda disappointed because Kids don’t even care of the age thing,And the parents can see what the kids are playing and can see the bad word. I’m real disappointed.

Not a children game

This is a thing that little kids should not have seen cuz in the 2 level the the teacher says “oh those d*** rascals

Bad game

It says bad words . And Half of the stuff you can buy or Watch video

The game

It's supper fun you should do it


I love the game but it says stupid that’s not a good word for two -seven year

Good game

I like this game but there are some parts were it is just really bad. At first it seemed really fun and interesting after level2 were the teacher says the d word I’m not the only one complaining about This but something has to be done! This game seems really fun but then that one word just changes everything. I like tab tale games but this one was the worst out of them all! It is not like the rest and should be changed!!! It also says stuff like”I’m stupid” and other things. I’m sure parents would nOt what their kids seeing this. Please change it!!

I love the game but I hate....

I hate that you can’t play all the levels you should not have to pay money just for this game. I want to play all levels I want to play level 11 with the new science teacher but I can’t because you have to buy it. I really loved it until that. I might delete it. It kinda dumb how you can’t play the hole game what’s the point of it. Sorry that’s my opinion. I rate this a 2 sorry. It was fun but did not like that part of it.

Watch out!

This game should be 10+ because in level2 it says ''those D word rascals'' so you need to watch out

Read this

So it’s ok but she says the d word and other bad words 🤬🤬🤬🤬so not cool😒 to little kids and parents do not buy this game!!!!!!! No matter what your kids say. And there’s romance along weird levels. After I wrote this I’m gonna delete it for goodness sake 😡😤

A little bit of bad words

Like the app was supposed to be a kid game but it says bad words but it’s so much fun

Please don't buy

I go to the first two levels, super easy. On the third level I can't finish it because I need to buy all of the levels. There is also cursing I am between thirteen and nine years old so I mind when I come across these games. I love tab tale games but this one was a different story. Please make more kid friendly.


Love it😘😍😻😽 Love


It is fun

Great but not kid friendly words

The fact that this is rated 4+ is weird because younger kids shouldn’t be hearing the word (d word) I mean this is a kids game why would you put that in an app for 4 year olds I thought that tab tale was a brand for kids and this app is a bad influence what if a kid sees this and thought it was funny so they decided to do the same huh they could get into to deep trouble and stupid and kick me wouldn’t make it better maybe make the teacher a bit perky so it wouldn’t make the you ne’er kids so down all the time please listen to what I’m saying so kids can live a good and happy life

Mad Techer.

I love the game so much because it has high school kids in the game but they have to be better at doing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Leela Age 6

Good but needs work

I absolutely love this game but I'm 10 and this swears in it ( the D word ) I mean kids shouldn't here this but I hear it all the time. But if like a 5-7 here'd this it would be BAD they'd probably think they could say it plz edit this game and develop it so it don't say bad words thanks keep up the good work!

Mad teacher

I love this app 🤩🤩🤩🤡😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♂️👱🏻‍♂️👩🏾‍🎤🤘🏻🗣👥👥👩🏼‍🏫


So romantic


Good game but keeps taking me to Amazon Spam


Those who said there’s a bad word on level 2 are bad the teacher said those DARN children.Not Dame children.


In the second level, there is a cuss word and it doesn’t please me. It’s the “d” word. Please fix that.

Love it💛💛but.....

I love the app it’s funny and fun!!!! But when I showed my cousin she loved the game but when she saw all the pranks, she wanted to do some to the teacher and she did one and she got in ALOT of trouble, Just don’t let children get encouraged by this, thank you


Just a heads up to anyone planning on buying the full version with all 20 levels - levels 11-20 are literally the exact same as levels 1-10, with different characters being the only difference. You basically get to play the exact same games all over again for $5.

Will you ever have more games than 1?

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi my name is clover !


First of all, it’s a kinda fun game, but gets boring fast, it’s a good time killer. But it takes u like 20 min to get through the first ten levels. Then, u have to pay 5.99 to get the rest of them! HECK TO THE NO! I deleted this app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS, I REPET, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!

Kind of fun, but needs some work.

Okay, so first of all it’s a pretty good game. It’s funny how you can prank the teacher. But the way it is right now, it should be rated at least 9+. It has you put a sign on the teacher that says things like “stupid”. And I’m sure parents don’t want their small children seeing words like this. Also, the biggest red flag is that on level two after the kids do all the pranks on the teacher, she says, “Oh those (the D word) rascals!” But she actually says the D word. I mean it’s only one bad word but still. Parents wouldn’t want kids seeing this. I love all TabTale games, but this one is WAY different from the others. This should be fixed before a small child gets this app and the parent sees.

So funny

When you pop the pinpele it was funny I laughed so hard Lol I love this game

I Love your Games


The app is ok.

I really do like this game! It entertains me when I’m bored. I do 2 have a problems with this app though. On level 2, after you prepared the classroom for the prank on Mrs.Crush or whatever her name is, she walks in the room saying,”those da*mn rascals!” On level 10, you prepare for the “date”. The coach and the teacher start kissing! The age for this game says 4+ and they’re going to do this in a kids game?!? Like I said, I really do like this app. I just would like you to know.


Well, i saw @zailetsplay play this game and I really wanted to try it it was awesome and I just love it and it makes me feel as if I need to play EVERY SINGLE DAY😎🤗


I like the game but it has to many adds

It’s a waste

I was so excited about getting this app so on level two that’s right level TWO so you have to complete everything in order to go to the next level and unless you want to buy everything you can’t move on to the next level! THIS APP IS A WASTE DONT WAST YOUR TIME DONT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡AND I was really looking forward for playing this game and I am so so so disappointed 😔 Just please don’t waste your time getting this app and if I was you I would listen DONT GET THIS APP!


This game glitches sooooooooo bad I couldn't even get in the game so 1 star because the app wouldn't let me do 0 stars but if I could I would do 0 stars tabtale* make better games *the app

It’s good but

It’s good but I want all levels for free we shouldn’t have to spend our money on games that are really good and we want to play it’s very annoying how every game

I love the game

I love the game so much I use it every day and night

I love the game!! 😻 but..

So far, I absolutely love the game, and everything about it! It's just that the fact when I was playing, even though I'm like, let's just say older than 8, but less then 14, I love the game for some odd reason. I downloaded most of the Baby Playhouse and all those other apps, but.. let's get to the point here. Does a kid friendly game say a bad word? I mean, it's not really a "cuss word", but it's still bad for children. On level 2, after you were done with all the pranks, it said the D word. Da- you know the rest. Even though I'm old enough to know that word, cause ya know, I hear it all the time accidentally, if I'm watching a pg 13 movie- even though I'm less then 14, I still watch with my mom by my side, and perms, but anyway, it's still not nice for this app to say, "Ugh!! Those (D word) rascals!" Please edit this app, and remove the saying. Or, delete the app, and redo this one. Thanks!

I'm sorry mrs.crusher

It's funny I love it love at the end she's so mad I love it crazy it popped up on my tablet I was just let's play so I got this app and its so wow like update this app and ill do any thing for you to update yours thanks bye

I can’t believe this.

Oh my gosh! This is such a bad app! I can’t click anything and the ads don’t ever load so I can’t play the app. I DONT RECOMMEND IT. I’m using IOS 11 Apple iPad Mini, The these ad questions came up and I wanted to click the X and its whenever I go onto it. But there was NO x at all! So I couldn’t exit and it was the same ads.

Nice game don't like to have to play a game and lose everything I did

I was the one of them proved it


I love the game. Great voices graphics and all but I hate how you have to pay for part 2!

Lost opportunities

Can be better

Love it but....

So this game is awesome but when you unlock something you have to start over. Also it has words that should never be used in a little kids game and on level 3 it won’t let me dry the girls hair but besides that it is awesome!!

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